Organize your ideas creating mental maps


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Mental maps are a good way to organize concepts in your mind and see things in a clearer way, as well as being an excellent way of transmitting your ideas to other people.

Mindomo is an application that will allow you to easily create mind maps for whatever it is that you want to develop, as much if it is a personal project or as a way to make summaries for studying.

It´s use is as easy as adding topics and subtopics with just a click and dragging the mouse. The interface is simple and effective with attractive buttons for editing the themes and all the elements like lines, text fonts...

You will also be able to include all kinds of multimedia content, smileys, links, notes and even YouTube videos.

You will also be able to load your mind maps to the online Mindomo server and create presentations to share them with whomever you want.

Adobe AIR must be already installed on your computer.

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